Why Life? The Tara Newby Story

Preston lost his life helping an accident victim. Farmers helped keep this family tragedy from becoming a financial one as well. Hear Tara Newby describe her tragic experience and how her agent helped her family prepare for the unexpected.

The value of life insurance, told by Farmers Life customer Rachel Gerald and her Farmers Agent, Alex Mojica, of Houston, Texas. Rachel’s husband Travis had allowed their coverage to lapse during hard financial times. Alex stayed in touch, reminding Travis of the importance of life insurance and the opportunity to reinstate the policies if they could afford it. Sadly, before he could reinstate their policies, Travis was killed in an accident. Having experienced the loss of her husband without life insurance to help support their children, Rachel now tells friends and family she would gladly give up luxuries like cable TV or a cell phone to keep her life insurance in force.
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