Why anonymous guys thinks G&C is “Thriller” Tire and Auto Repair

Why anonymous guys thinks G&C is

www.trusttherepair.com This guy thinks G&C is the best. Rome tells the top 5 reasons G&C Tire and Auto is the only place he comes to: 1. The people – They have the nicest people, greatest customer services, and satisfies my needs, and they have a great time doing it. 2. The service – 2nd time coming, heard through Groupon, they did a top quality job. 3. The accommodations – most places you just wait, but here there are computer, iPads, for everyone, for kids, tea, coffee, optional upstairs waiting room. 4. The candy – they have many kinds, including Skittles, Snickers, Twix, etc 5. The people (again) – care about vehicles and you. They have great customer service. Leave us a comment – how did you like this video? G&C Tire and Auto Service – Customer testimonial video contest Fall 2011. Check this one out and vote to see who the winner is.
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