Thermostat Replacement

This is a quick ‘how to’ video on replacing the thermostat on my 2000 Ford Crown Vic.
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Thermostat Replacement. Overheating fix. Part 1. Jeep

This Jeep would drive just find around town, but as soon as it would go up a big hill it would start to over heat. The Radiator fluid would boil out of the radiator. I figured it was the radiator thermostat not allowing the radiator fluid to circle in the engine, so i bought a new one for about 10 bucks (with a 2 dollar gasket) And installed it. This whole project should take about 30-45 minutes to accomplish. You can buy different thermostats, ones that open at 160, 180190 degrees… I chose the one 180 because its nice to keep your engine running a little cooler, but at the same time, in the winter i don’t want the engine running too cold. Especially with the cold winters here in Utah. This video is applicable to many vehicles, but you’ll find it follows exactly with any Jeep Grand Cherokee from 93-98. Other cars will have slight differences. I found this cheap Jeep thermostat on Amazon: Don’t forget the gasket, use the link above to get to them. Leave any questions you have in the comments.
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