The all-new Honda CR-Z

With sporty looks and agile handling, the CR-Z is the most exciting hybrid yet, promising driving thrills and cleaner exhaust emissions. The CR-Zs compact 2+2* coupe body and striking design is coupled with a responsive chassis to give nimble handling and direct steering, and a 6-speed manual transmission enhances driving enjoyment. Its clean, efficient petrol-electric hybrid powertrain not only offers good fuel economy and a low exhaust emissions package, but also adds to the nippy driving characteristics of the car and means the CR-Z is well suited for use in urban environments.

This was done back in March. First tested by a hand held device to make sure it’s not over the limite. The second time was we sheduled for this full test. Took about 30min. This cert in not required by law in NZ. But police and issue fine without testing the noise level if the car had a aftermarket exhaust. The cert sticker makes the car road legal 100%.
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