Rogers Sportsnet Oil Change Interview

Gene Principe interviews Don about the upcoming season of “Oil Change: Overdrive” premièring on City-TV and Rogers Sportsnet this weekend!
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In this video, I perform the first maintenance task on this new 1995 F-250 4X4 which is a complete oil change. This oil was pretty old judging from its color and the amount of rust around the oil filter mating surface. An oil analysis will be performed to quantitatively assess the mechanical condition of the engine. Due to the faulty PCV system, I’m expecting to see elevated silica, lead, and tin values, and due to the oils age, higher oxidation and lower TBN numbers. It may even be out of grade. The owner indicates he used a Valvoline conventional 5W-30 and changed it every 5000 – 6000 miles. This truck is turning out to be somewhat the proverbial “barn find” thus far in that it is all original and untouched. Fluid analysis will be the true measure of what I’ve stumbled upon. This truck seems to have suffered some degree of neglect however, I’d rather deal with neglect rather than poor quality repairs, subsequent damage, and missing parts. At least this gives me a great foundation to start from. (9/16/2012)
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