Road Trip Auto Checklist

Auto Checklist Prior to Road Trip – Auto 101- as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Auto Talk 101 – Checklist Prior to Summer Road Trip Well, there are just a few basic things as on any trip, summer or winter, you want to make sure first and foremost that your fluid levels are all good. If you’re due for an oil change, have that done before you go. Or if your mileage is such that you’re going to come due for an oil change while you’re on your trip, better to get it a little early. You want to make sure that your tire pressure is at the proper level. Take a good look at your belts and hoses. Belts and hoses are really one of the primary causes of stranded motorists. And they almost never fail out of the clear blue sky. So, if you just have a quick trip check by your regular mechanic, they should be able to take a look at those kind of things. And make sure you’re not going to have any problems on your trip. . This app will help ensure you’re thoroughly maintaining your car. Any item not checked should be reviewed for improvement. Covers a “to do” list for 10000 kms or annually, 20000 kms or every 2 years, 30000 kms and even every 60000 kms. App can be easily changed to cover mileage instead of kilometers. This app’s content is used with permission from This Car Servicing Checklist is brought to you by
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