Renew your car’s engine with Xado

XADO-Revitalizant is a friction surface modifier. It is the latest achievement in nano-technology! Worn out parts in the engine will be restored with a metallo-ceramic coating, which is up to 10 times harder than a steel! Didn’t you pass the NCT, because of Exhaust Emissions? Fix it with XADO-Revitalizant ! Would you like to reduced fuel consumption? XADO revitalization gives fuel savings up to 30%. Do you like to drive on the edge of performance of your car? Bring your cars engine to superior condition with Xado while you are driving! List of Advantages: 1. Economical in-place repair with no down time. 2. Reduced fuel consumption. Fuel savings of 10% to 30% are very common. 3. Reduced toxic emissions. 4. Increased compression. 5. Rebuilt and restored friction surface, protecting against wear and extending the life of moving parts by up to three times. 6. Resulted in noticeable improvement in engine power and performance. Xado Technology Gel-Revitalizant! Distributor in/for Ireland Check up another products for professional use Anticarbon, VitaFlush and especially XADO Repairing Grease.
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Combustion chamber treatment for all gasoline & diesel powered engines The MPG-CAP™ is a revolutionary combustion chamber treatment that increases fuel economy and reduces harmful exhaust emissions. MPG-CAPS™ consist of 100% active ingredients , with no dilutents or fillers, and are safe to use and handle. They are manufactured as a convenient, easy to use, solid caplet which you simply drop in your fuel tank prior to fill-up. Emissions testing with the use of MPG-CAPS™ has shown reductions of smog producing emissions such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. These emissions are harmful to the earth’s atmosphere and contribute to global warming. The benefits of using MPG-CAPS Improved fuel economy and increased power Protection of valves and reduction of carbon buildup Reduction of greenhouse gases Elimination of ping and dieseling Increased octane in lower grade fuels Prolonged life of spark plugs, glow plugs and valves For use in all gasoline and diesel powered engines: Cars Trucks Boats Motor homes Generators Motorcycles Heavy equipment, and more! MPG-BOOST™ Combustion chamber catalyst Using the same revolutionary technology as the MPG-CAPS™, MPG-BOOST™ is an engine combustion chamber treatment in liquid form that increases fuel economy and reduces the amount of harmful emissions released into the environment. MPG-BOOST™ utilizes a unique combustion catalyst developed from aerospace technology that offers a maximum performance. This catalyst, which is

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