Pep Boys Wheel Alignment Video

Scott, with Pep Boys is going to talk about a Pep Boys Wheel alignment. Your tires can tell a lot about your vehicle. When we are inspecting your tires our focus is on tread wear. Uneven tread wear can be something simple, like over or under tire inflation, or a wheel that’s out of balance. Those are easy fixes. Or it could be that your vehicle is out of alignment. If you feel it shaking or vibrating in the front-end, if your vehicle seems to wander around the road or you constantly have to fight that steering wheel to keep tracking in a straight line. If your front wheel is straight but your steering wheel is crooked, you might need an alignment. Pep Boys recommends that you allow us to check your alignment every 12000 miles or at least once a year, even if you don’t put that many miles on your vehicle, or when we install new suspension parts or tires. Get the most out of your vehicle. Get longer tire life, better gas mileage and safe predictable handling. Pep Boys expert certified ASE technicians use state of the art digital and laser imaging equipment to restore your vehicle’s alignment settings back to the original equipment specification. Exactly! Thanks for watching and more importantly, thanks for being a Pep Boys customer. Hope you let us do a professional wheel alignment on your car soon. Visit to schedule an appointment for your professional wheel alignment at your neighborhood Pep Boys Auto service center today. Follow The Boys on: Facebook: www
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