Pep Boys Check Engine Light Video

Engine management systems are so much more complex than they were a few years ago. Previously only hard breakdowns would trigger a check engine light. In today’s cars, even a minor problem could trigger that light. You may have even left your gas cap loose, or a component may be getting ready to fail. If your check engine light comes on, don’t panic. If you have a scan tool, plug it into the OBD2 (On-board diagnostics port) and check the code on the Internet. If you don’t feel comfortable pulling the codes yourself, or if you don’t have a scan tool, stop by any Pep Boys Auto and we can pull the codes for you. If you are a Rewards Member, we will pull the codes for free. If you were able to pull your own codes and you know what part you need, stop by any Pep Boys Auto and you can purchase the part and install it yourself. Pep Boys uses professional grade scan tools to pull codes and data stream information, and then preforms a pinpoint component testing that will provide you with a complete diagnosis of your auto systems. Visit your neighborhood Pep Boys Auto Store today to have your car checked out or schedule an appointment online at Follow The Boys on: Facebook: Twitter:
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