Logos of World’s Top 20 Famous Automotive Companies

Logos of World’s Top 20 Famous Automotive Companies To Subscribe Our Channel Please Click Below Link: www.youtube.com Audi The Audi emblem of the four rings denotes one of Germany’s oldest automobile manufacturers. It symbolizes the merger in 1932 of four previously independent motor vehicle manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. These companies are the foundation stones on which the present-day AUDI AG is built. Mitsubishi The name Mitsubishi refers to the three-diamond emblem. ‘Mitsu’ means three while ‘Hishi'(pronounced as bishi) means water chestnut. The logo is said to be an arrangement of two family crests; the three-oak-leaf crest of the Yamauchi family, Lords of Tosa, where Yataro was born, and the three-tiered water chestnut crest of the Iwasaki family. Mercedes-Benz Classified as one of the luxury automobiles, Mercedes-Benz has a corporate logo which describes the three-pointed star enclosed in a circle. This star was included in the design intended for use on the radiator grille and became a registered trademark in August 1923. Hyundai The corporate logo of the Hyundai Motor Company is a circled slanting capital H. The company was established in 1967 and Cortina was the company’s first model which was released in cooperation with Ford Motor Company in 1968. Honda The capital H inside a square symbolizes distinguishes Honda from the other cars. The Honda Motor Company has been one of the largest motorcycles and automotive manufactures since the 1950s
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Here is a pretty much comprehensive list of every car maker in LEGO City. If you would like the logos, email me at bsquiklehausen@gmail.com and I will send you a PowerPoint file with all of the logos in it.

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