Latent Semantic Indexing = LSI Keywords LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing can be described as a complex term with a simple definition. The principle concept regarding Latent Semantic Indexing is simply to discover keywords that are relevant inside the context of any article or number of documents. Latent Semantic Indexing is the procedure of identifying related words and search phrases when searching for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. LSI can be described as a mathematical equation designed to fold words into a matrix for analysis intended to acquire semantically connected words and phrases. This formula depends on the actual wording which is used for any specified phrase in the semantic search. One example is, assuming the term “flat tire” is used inside a report, a few semantically related terms would be: car, truck, automobile, repair, tire, tire pressure, and even lug nut wrench. You can see that all of the words in the list are related to the term “flat tire”. The important thing about writing a blog post, article or web page, never guess at these LSI words. The use of software to generate words that the search engines determine are relevant will reveal the actual latent semantic indexing keywords. Search engines, such as Google, use indexing by latent semantic analysis as an important part of their search analysis, when aiming to determine precisely what web sites are going to display in their search results. The aim of each search provider is always to provide the most

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