Jiffy Lube Scamming Again! Caught on Tape

Jiffy Lube Caught on tape scamming customers out of their money and not fixing the repairs they are asked to do. Former employees speaking out telling the news media what really goes on!
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I was at Jiffy Lube # 2118 (aka Atlanta Lubes One, LLC) today and they changed the oil and rotated the tires on my vehicle. After that, I drove 3.6 miles home. As I was driving down my street, I heard a loud periodic thud noise that sounded like it was coming from one of the tires with each rotation of the wheel. Two of my neighbors, Hugh and Beth, were out walking and they confirmed visually there was something very wrong with the tire. I pulled into my driveway, and another neighbor, Steve, pointed out with great surprise to all of us: “Look at THAT!! The wheel is supposed to have six lug nuts attaching it to the vehicle, and there are only TWO lug nuts there!! Four of the lug nuts are missing!! That’s very dangerous. If you were on the interstate at a higher speed, the wheel could have fallen off, and you could have been killed!!” As you can imagine, I’m not happy about this. I immediately called the store. The assistant manager says that the employee who worked on the vehicle says that he attached the lug nuts and tightened them. However, I say that is not likely, because if he had done that, then 4 of the 6 lug nuts wouldn’t have fallen off in just a 3.6 mile drive home on back roads. I believe that he either didn’t put the lug nuts on; or if he did put them on, he didn’t tighten them. Apart from this being a customer service problem that’s now going to take a long time to get worked out, this is a very serious safety issue. If I hadn’t noticed the problem, and had
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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