Iranian Made Euro 4 emissions car خودروهاي استاندارد يورو 4

Iran moves ahead at a fast speed, and so do emission standards. The Euro Four emission standard became mandatory for all new cars after the Iranian president unveiled the first cars produced with the Euro Four standard. But the country will soon go a notch higher. According to the officials, the effects of this and other pollution-fighting measures will be remarkable, because Iran has imposed the strict Euro Four standard two years ahead of schedule, the same time it is imposed in developed countries. But Iran will soon go a notch higher. European emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new cars. These are defined in a series of European Union directives staging the progressive introduction of stringent standards. Air pollution has become a major headache for Iranian officials, especially in major cities such as the capital, where air quality continues a downward slide. The World Bank estimates losses inflicted on Iran’s economy as a result of deaths caused by air pollution at more than half a billion dollars a year.

GoClear, made by Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd and distributed by Orica Chemicals, is an additive for use in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process incorporated into modern heavy duty diesel engines. Major engine manufacturers have chosen SCR technology, which uses an exhaust system additive that reduces NOx emissions from diesel engines, breaking the NOx down into harmless components of water vapour and nitrogen gas. SCR technology is becoming the preferred emissions reduction technology for many large truck manufacturers. Reducing exhaust emissions is a key measure for improving our air quality, protecting our environment and ultimately our health. GoClear is proudly made in New Zealand, negating the additional freight component and associated environmental footprint that comes with imported products. For supply inquires phone Orica Chemicals on +64 9 368 2700
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