Howcast – How To Buy Car Parts From a Junk Yard

Dir. Pete Dryden
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mighty car mods… …Is a couple of guys, and sometimes girls, with a common interest in cars, DIY projects and production. With a solid grounding in Tv/ audio production, and car modification, they decided to combine all these skills to create some fun, slick videos to share with other people around the world with the same interests. “We hope to share the knowledge of what we’ve learnt over the years of modifying our own cars to help out others thinking of doing the same things.” MOOG – …has had many cars starting with his 1976 Mini. Since then he has had a Camira, Nissan Silvia (which was destroyed by a lightning fire), a modified TypeX 180SX, a Jeep (what was he thinking!!) a Cuore (The Red Bus from EP1), a MK4 Golf GTI, Nissan GTiR and the Mighty Ford Laser. He currently rolls in a MK5 GOLF GTI, as well as kicking back on the weekends on a DRZ Super Motard. Marty – …has had too many cars to list, but since he was a teenager he’s been modifying anything that moves, and some things that don’t. He feels most at home in a spare parts shop or wreckers yard and believes that a mod worth doing, is a mod worth doing yourself. He currently rolls in a modified Nissan March Superturbo,with custom……um everything! He also eats up the National Park on his Yamaha FZ6. MCM Season 2 DVD MCM-Store-Season2-DVD Including Shipping!!!! In this DVD you’ll learn how to: Zombie-Proof your car Replace your O2 sensor Upgrade your
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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