How to Paint Your Rims [HD]

SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CAR EXCLUSIVE YOUTUBE HERE: New videos will uploaded in the near future. Stay tuned. Also, check out my FORMULA DRIFT 2012 vlog: Hey guys this is a little (crammed) 10 minute tutorial on how to paint your own rims AT HOME on your own. I’ve already did this once to my car a year ago but I grinded on a few curbs since then so I’m repainting them this year. YOU WILL NEED: – Duplicolor Paint (for rims only) – Duplicolor Prep wipe – Masking Tape – Lots of news papers – Car Soap – A Jack – Optional: A spare – (for me) 5 hours The Duplicolor paint can be found at any autozone store for JUST BUCKS! You can read more about it and watch their own tutorial here: The Basics in the nutshell: – Remove wheels – Clean wheels hardcore – Wipe dry with paper towel – (optional) sun dry – Mask off area – Wipe with duplicolor prepwipe – Paint color then clear – Dry to touch in 1 hour – Drivable in 24 hours Umm… I hope you guys enjoy the video and its informative to you! Any questions, please post! Song in video: Ride it – Jay Sean :::UPDATE::: (9.20.2008) WOW! 6200 views! (1.27.2010) 120000 views! Thank you all SO much! – Jennifer WARNING: This is a video of how I painted my rims, from my knowledge and experience. If you prefer to do so in a different way, you have all right to do so. Any negative or inappropriate comments will be removed. And you may be blocked.
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98 Lincoln town car bad alternator from auto parts store?

Bought this remanufactured alternator at a big auto parts chain store. They won’t trade it for another one because it tests good in store on their machine. Battery tests well, leaving the car battery disconnected all night and it reads 12.70 volts. Battery terminals on the battery all night and the voltage is still around 12.45. Doesn’t seem like a parasitic draw to me at all. Battery will show normal voltage before I start the car at the posts and at the alternator. Doesn’t look like there’s any resistance anywhere. Soon as I turn on the car, I get the results above. So, is it the alternator or something else? After it’s warm its fine but after couple hours cold I get the same as above. No lights dimming at all inside or dim headlights. What could it be? Any help is appreciated.
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