How to Generate Free Seller Leads with Craigslist

Learn How to Generate Free Seller Leads with Craigslist and also generated automated seller leads by

Getting Free Leads From Craigslist:

Craigslist is one of the most frequently visited sites on the web. It’s risen in popularity as of late, for generating home buyer traffic. But, most agents don’t realize that it is a great place to find sellers before they list their home for sale.

Now is the perfect time to start posting on Craigslist, because Craigslist just revoked the ability to use HTML and live links in their ads in most areas, so a lot of realtors are discouraged and have stopped posting and using automated craigslist posters to spam the site. This means you have a better chance of getting more visitors to your ad and to your landing page.

The trick is to entice them with the offer of a free home valuation or some way to relieve their pain points and place your ad where sellers are looking.

The top places to post your ad are: real estate services section, FSBO section, rentals section, and the regular “real estate for sale” section.

Getting a homeowner’s attention is the name of the game. You want to hook them and drive them to your site, and the first thing a homeowner sees on craigslist is your headline and ad photo.

Some headlines that work for us are:

• Looking to buy but need to sell first?
• We buy houses
• Thinking about selling?
• FREE Home Valuation
• Is your home worthless?
• What’s your home REALLY worth? Find out free
• Selling alone?
• Don’t overprice your home. Get a free valuation!
• Don’t SELL until you see this
• Need to sell fast?

You also want to include a photo that will stand out, as many people search in the gallery format, which displays the photos larger than anything else. Use something to grab their attention. We use photos of graphs and charts, stock photos of distressed homeowners, sold signs, photos of excited people, etc. Anything to make your ad stand out among the rest.

One thing to note is that many of these ads get flagged fairly fast, which just means that other CL users marked your ad as miscategorized… which it is. Don’t get discouraged by this, just keep posting ads and alternating headlines and photos, and you’ll see results.

I’m going to go through a Craigslist post real quick, so you can see how to structure your ads. First, log into your CL account and go to the section that you’d like to post in. I’m going to post some ads in the “real estate services” section, just to demonstrate.

I click on the category and then click on the Post link in the top right hand corner. Then I choose the category to post in and follow the next couple steps. This takes me to the ad creation screen. I need to have a catchy headline… I’m going to use “•••FREE Home Valuations•••” and add some symbols in the headline to make it stand out even more. Then, I type in a local zip code.

For the ad itself, you may not be able to add in a live, clickable link, depending on your area, but you can tell viewers to copy and paste your link into their browser OR call you directly.

I’m going to write:

The market has shifted and home prices are skyrocketing! See what your home is REALLY worth at the site below. (COPY & PASTE INTO YOUR BROWSER)

Or Leave a Voicemail With Your Address at 000.000.0000!

Now I’m going to uncheck “show on maps” and type in yes in the licensed area, and click continue and finish this posting. Now I can go back and do this again and again in different sections and drive traffic to my landing page for free!

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How To Generate Free Seller Leads With Craigslist
How To Generate Free Seller Leads With Craigslist
How To Generate Free Seller Leads With Craigslist
How To Generate Free Seller Leads With Craigslist

How To Generate Free Seller Leads With Craigslist

How To Generate Free Seller Leads With Craigslist