How to Buy Extended Warranties for new cars and used cars, avoid dealer scams

read our detailed chapter here: All you need to know about buying new car extended warranties and used car warranties and all the scams to avoid. How to prevent being denied a claim for a repair with your extended warranty. Comparisons of wear and tear warranties vs. mechanical breakdown warranties. How to compare car warranty companies, find out if a company is good or risky How to bypass dealers, buy direct and save. Online extended car warranty tips Extra auto warranty coverage you’ll need for luxury cars with DVD, Navigation, etc. Car dealer auto warranty scams. WARNING: A car dealer’s auto warranty brochure is not a contract! About high mileage used car warranties and wrap warranties with long power train warranties
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Auto Warranty Gives New Life to Used Cars Learn how an auto warranty works and what it is about these service contracts that make them a good investment. Auto warranties can extend the life of a vehicle – but consumers should beware of pitfalls.

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