Honda Automatic Transmission Flush

ManClub is back with another fun filled episode. This time we switch over to a automatic transmission, and do a “flush”. The episode shows you the basics on how to drain and fill your transmission. You can do it once for a fluid refresh, or three times for a complete flush. Flush procedure based on:
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How to operate a Wynn's Transmission Flush Machine

TRANSERVE® II+ Automatic Transmission Flush & Fill Machine Part Number 08601 Performs a complete transmission flush and fill service in under 10 minutes,even on low flow vehicles. Automatic safety loop prevents transmission damage. Totally portable, operates on 12V DC power (vehicle battery). Automatic Flow Rectifier directs flow to/from transmission regardless of hook-up direction to cooler lines. Lighted flow meter, so you can see fluid color change during process. Compact size, uses minimal floor space in service facilities. Automatically adds the same amount of ATF as is removed from the vehicle, without monitoring or making flow rate adjustments. US Patent Nos. 5806629;, 5853068; 6065567; 6112855; 6131701
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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