Honda Accord and Civic Transmission Fluid Change

I show you how easy it is to change your transmission fluid on a 1997 Honda Accord. This process applies to Civics as well. A special note. Some 90s Civics have a CVT transmission use Honda CVT fluid on them otherwise use ATF Z1 (now ATF DW1) for a non CVT automatic transmission. Honda fluid part numbers: ATF Z1 Part Number: 08200-9001 (Discontinued) Replaced by: ATF DW1 Part Number 08200-9008 CVT Fluid: 08200-9006 Since the production of this video Honda has discontinued ATF-Z1 and replaced it with ATF-DW1 it’s a drop in replacement for vehicles that used ATF Z1. The fluid change interval by Honda is every 30000 miles. Intro and outro music by Kevin Macleod (
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Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 43 years, shows how you can easily change the fluid in your vehicle’s automatic transmission. For answers to all your car questions, visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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