Homemade Stereo Tower From Car Speakers And PC Power Supply

I designed and built this stereo out of Kicker speakers and a JVC head unit. It is all powered by a Computer power supply. It has 4 Kicker 4 inch 2 way speakers, 2 Kicker 6×9 2 ways and 2 Dual Illuminite Tweeters. I have a 10 inch Yamaha Sub Woofer to help out give it a good low end sound. The JVC double din cd player has XM radio, HD radio, Bluetooth, and Ipod controls and it all can be controlled with a remote. This thing sounds very impressive because of all the different sizes of speakers giving it a full range of sound. Its also goes as loud as an aftermarket stereo system in a car, so its plenty loud for the dorm room. Threw some leds on it for fun. Worked hard on it and want to know what everyone thinks!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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