Gas Oven Glow Starter Repair – MTP

So my oven wasn’t pre-heating… well it was but it would take 30 minutes or more to get to 300. This was not right, so after a little research I figured it out and fixed it, YOU CAN TOO! Seriously on a gas oven (propane or natural gas) this is a quick 30 minute and or less fix. So watch my awesome video about replacing your glow igniter for your gas oven… You can also check out my podcast at
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Part 2 of 2 of my Driveway Series” of “how to” repair vids. This is my old Chevy Van with a small block GM 350. We tear down the starter and replace the “starter drive” and then get into the solenoid. Leave comments or maybe click on ads to buy parts. Working on our own stuff is rapidly becoming a lost art. These vids are meant to rectify that. Nowadays it’s 0 to 0. to have a shop do this. I did it for .99.
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