Ford Ranger & Mazda B-Series Pickup Clutch Hydraulic Release System Bleeding Procedures

Video shows an easy way to bleed the clutch hydraulics on a Ford Ranger or Mazda B-Series pickup. We also have a video Ranger Bleeding Part 2 that shows the procedure on an actual truck. (Presented by Gary Croyle of Perfection) Video Topics include: – Describing symptoms of air trapped in the release system (ie no release, poor release, gear grinding, can’t put into 1st or reverse) – Bench Testing & Bleeding of Clutch Master Cylinder – Testing Clutch Master Cylinder on Vehicle – Inserting clutch line into new Perfection TECH-Link™ connector – Gravity Bleeding of Slave Cylinder – Demonstration of proper plate lift after successful clutch bleeding This whole clutch bleeding procedure was done using absolutely NO special tools. Only a Philips screwdriver was used. You can easily do this too! Try this procedure on your next Ford Ranger or Mazda pickup clutch job. You will be glad you did. It works, its easy and you will save lots of time! —— Perfection Technical Hotline: 1-800-258-8312 then dial 4 —— TECHnovation™ Clutch Hydraulics…. Designed and engineered to install faster and easier than original equipment, using existing lines and no special tools! Perfection offers a complete line of TECHnovation™ Clutch Hydraulics including concentric clutch slave cylinders, external clutch slave cylinders, clutch master cylinders and pre-filled units. TECHnovation™ is the natural evolution to Perfection’s “Service the System™” approach to

This How To Video overviews Dirt Bike Clutch Bleeding with Steve Matthes and was produced by Transworld Motocross. Much like brake bleeding, dirt bike clutch bleeding is a fairly straightforward process – though it does require a few specialty tools. Over time, like most any fluid, clutch fluid degrades with use. You’ll want to check a dirt bike manual for the exact procedure and recommended intervals for the given application. This is a general guideline and hydraulic clutch bleeding procedures are going to vary a bit from dirt bike to dirt bike. You can find dirt bike manuals on the website at For the most part, the same tools that are used for dirt bike brake bleeding will also be used for bleeding a hydraulic dirt bike clutch. If you’ve seen our dirt bike brake bleeding video at you’ll have a good idea of what’s required. Some hydraulic dirt bike clutches require brake fluid, and others require special clutch fluid. Both types of dirt bike clutch fluid can be found on our website at along with dirt bike brake fluid if necessary.

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