FIRST REVIEW: Walmart Touchscreen Car Stereo

First review on youtube of the jensen phaselinear uv10 touchscreen headunit. 9.99 from walmart. Will make new vid soon with out the glare on the screen and ill talk a little louder lol

This headunit is a great value. It does everything it says. For the price you can’t beat it. When I first ordered it I was kinda nervous; My biggest concern was picture quality. I expected it to be very pixeled because of the low price and lower name brand. But the picture is great! The only thing that this unit doesn’t have that higher end units do is GPS. But you can purchase an upgraded model that does. I don’t need it since I have GPS in my Droid-x. The installation was a breeze. For anyone with any experience, it was very self explanatory. The manual is horrible as others said because it is translated from another language but all the wires are very clearly marked. There is a safety feature on this unit so that you can’t watch video while driving. I thought it defeated the purpose of buying this unit; since I wanted video for my pasengers to watch while I drive. But don’t worry it is VERY easy to bypass. All you must do is connect the pink “parking brake” wire to ANY ground on your vehicle. I must mention that this is illegal in the US so therefore I’m not telling you to do it. By the way I found a crappier unit in walmart that didn’t have all the features this one has and it was 0 more! So definitely a great buy in my opinion. Oh, 1 more thing. I was a lil nervous playing a dvd while driving because I’m in the process of redoing the suspension in the truck that I have this installed in. So the ride is VERY rough and bumpy right now. BUT, my DVD NEVER skipped so

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