Ferrari Enzo Greatest Ever Sports Cars Nº5

” It is pretty hard to beat a car that can do everything.” ” If you collect Ferraris, you have to have one of these.” ” Ferrari is the ultimate sports car company and it’s the ultimate Ferrari at the minute today.” ” I think I would probably spend a lot of time in the garage just sitting out there in this car [unk].” ” To get to number 5 on this list, you need something really special.” ” How about this? Everything Ferrari has ever learned about racing cars on a track has been applied to their latest creation for the road, the Enzo; named after Enzo Ferrari himself.” ” No company has a greater singleness of purpose than Ferrari. All of their cars are sports cars. That’s all they are. There are 2 sets and a giant engine. They are only meant to do one thing, and that’s drive hard and drive fast.” ” Under the hood, a 6-liter V12 capable of 660 horsepower, double stingray. A top speed of 220 mph is too scary for most drivers to contemplate nor 260 in 1, 2, 3.6 seconds.” ” For a street car, it’s about as close as you can come to Formula One. ” ” Shifting gears with a flick of the fingers, just like an F1, the Enzo only needs 150 milliseconds between shifts to respond.” ” In other prancing horse is a great symbol and you’re buying the heritage, you’re buying the Italian flavor, you know, you’re buying indeed a lifestyle in the way.” ” But buying a Ferrari is of course much easier said and done.” ” Money is not the object. It’s where do you part of this exclusive club. Where do

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