EPS DATA DVD 220000+ graph​ic logo design illustrator

Heres your perfect chance to get this lots of 220000 kinds of collections of EPS logo data perfection. i pass as, us a point designer for a yrs.,now i decided to share all of my collections. shop.ebay.com A recommended collections of logo data of the highest peak with confidence towards search for. this usable EPS dvd that you must have is valuable. inside the dvd’s is according in category and in alphabetical order. also includes the latest and new logos. this dvd helps your needs to make your own designs of logos that you want to without imitating. start designing with this EPS data logo collections. this is your oppurtunity to own and start your life in designing logos now. ■ ■Correspondence OS/ soft / need hardware■ ■ ◆ The correspondence OS windows: Vista/XP/me/2000/98/NT mac: os8.6 – /os9/osx ◆ Necessary software Vector editing such as Adobe Illustrator/Macromedia Fireworks/Corel Draw/Freehand/ETC….. ■ ■these are some of the designs logos■ ■ ◆ MAGS designs….car logos ◆ motor sports, a ski, basketball,soccer baseball…and more sports logos ◆ accessories connection of a ,brand, a fashion ◆ toy connection ,a games, music ◆ solid connection,a restaurants, convenience store ◆ Hotels .GS. Company connection ◆ flags, a map ,a mark ,a prefecture chapter recycling ◆ disney characters,animated cartoons. ◆ A lot of European language font & number fonts for designs ◆ a lot of cutouts , a pattern ribbon ◆ A background / an art design / agriculture
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Second Test - Opel Astra H (НТВ Главная дорога - Секонд Тест)

Нестабильные холостые обороты, ненадёжная заслонка рециркуляции воздуха в салоне. Теперь Опель производят и в России. Но даже у собранных в Европе машин вопрос с надежностью остается открытым. Выбираем подержанный Opel Astra H третьего поколения — на рынке, полигоне и в сервисе.

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