Engine Overheating? How To Troubleshoot and Diagnose Your Cooling System in 9 Easy Steps

www.bleepinjeep.com – All the best Off-road videos of YouTube in one spot without all the boring stuff – Updated Daily!! In this video, I explain how-to troubleshoot and diagnose an overheating engine in 9 simple steps. I show you how to tell if each system is working properly. This happens to be a cooling system from a Jeep Cherokee but the same rules apply across all makes and models including jeep, dodge, ford, chevy, toyota, and almost all others. 9 Steps: 1 – Clean Coolant? 2 – Radiator Debris? 3 – Leaks? 4 – Air Burp? 5 – Lower Radiator Hose Spring? 6 – Electric Fan? 7 – Thermostat? 8 – Water Pump? 9 – Fan Clutch?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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