Dynamic Menus/Value Lists in Filemaker Pro®

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a dynamic menu that will change when the first of 2 menus is change. Example: You have a field called “Car make” and another field called “Car model”. When you choose “BMW”, the Car model list will filter to only show the BMW models and not just every single car model. Useful, ain’t it?
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Follow the progress with daily updates on FaceBook on.fb.me Join forums to discuss car building and design techniques. – Car Designer and Builder Forums: bit.ly – Keep Updated Via your Android Phone, install my new Android App: market.android.com – View the complete list of build videos: bit.ly – Official Website: bit.ly – Follow us on Twitter: bit.ly Ok folks, well this is my second tutorial type video, hopefully Im getting a little better at this. Anyway, I get a ton of emails asking us how we took the 3D model of our car and create the forms seen in some of the earlier videos. Since the past two months have been full of holidays and bad weather we have not been able to work on the car much so I decided to do a short video explaining the 3D cad in under 10 minutes. I hope this helps I may try to expand on it a little later on.

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