Defrost Thermostat Replacement (part #WR50X10068) – GE Refrigerator Repair

Defrost Thermostat Replacement (part #WR50X10068) - GE Refrigerator Repair

Buy part #WR50X10068 now: Is your refrigerator not cooling like it should? You could have a bad thermostat. This free troubleshooting video shows step-by-step instructions on replacing the Defrost Thermostat on General Electric, Americana, Hotpoint & Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerators. Tools needed: nutdriver, wire cutter, silicone sealant The refrigerator defrost thermostat is part of the defrost system that keeps the evaporator coils in your refrigerator from accumulating frost. Automatic defrost: Years ago, all refrigerators had to be defrosted manually. You would turn the refrigerator off, open the door(s), and allow any frost build-up to melt. When the frost had completely melted away, you would turn the refrigerator back on. Today, all but the smaller, apartment-sized refrigerators are self-defrosting. Self-defrosting means what it implies–though frost continues to accumulate inside the refrigerator, it melts automatically. The self-defrosting system has three functional components: Defrost timer Defrost heater Defrost thermostat. Defrost timer The timer is like a clock. It continually advances, 24 hours a day. Every 6 to 8 hours, the timer turns off the cooling system of the refrigerator and turns on the defrost heater. Defrost heater The defrost heater is similar to the burners on an electric stove. It’s located just beneath the cooling coils, which are concealed behind a panel in the freezer compartment. The heater gets hot. And, because

GM 3.1L,3.4L Thermostat Replacement

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