crazy lady at circuit city

Circuit City store 3147 , Vestal NY Back story : Lady at the front counter wanted us to give her a refund for her remote car starter because it didn’t defrost her back window. However, she didn’t want to give us the car starter back. That’s right. She wanted her money back as well as to keep the product. Long story short, she sat on our front counter and began kicking her feet. She was asked to leave and replied that only the cops would be able to get her out…they did 🙂 PS – I know there no sound but she was screaming “DON’T TOUCH ME DON’T TOUCH ME THERE” when the cops grab her. Enjoy

Car was being aligned at the Big 10 Tires on apalache, tally-FL, when finished it was illegaly parked in the handicaped space with the car in first and the ebrake was not engaged. As I walkd away from the car to tip the mechanic I accidentaly hit the remote start button and the car drove foward… damages to the building estimated 00. Estimated Damages done to my car was over 00. There where no injuries.

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