CNET, Lexus RX450h

Los Angeles
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Hi this is Steven. A week ago i sent a email to amazon saying i would take a review for free. So amazon had a deal, and they sent this on Review Unit. Oh yeah i want to thank John Reen from amazon for the awesome T-shirt. Info: Publisher: Car Mp3 Inc. Date Modified: December 10th 2009 Features: 1gb-2gb, SD and USB card reader, music support every format except FLV. Accessories: USB connection cable, Remote, 2 year warranty book guide, quick start manual, manual, Bulk Ear Phones Caution: 2 year warranty may cost for any fixes and exchanges, DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY! There are a bunch of people selling broken ones. No refunds after 1 week! Sponsors: Amazon, Car Mp3, Mp4 INC, Cnet Producers: Darren Shawn, Nately Wong, Steven Parks, Arnold Parks, Dock Sheen ( Offical Producer Manager) If any needs any help, just contact me at or visit Thanks Alot!

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