Cars 2 Halloween Dracula Mater 1-43 Scale Disney Store Diecast Disney Pixar Cars Toy by Mattel Toys

A very SCARY Mater? Here’s the spooky Dracula Mater 1-43 Scale Disney Store diecast from Disney Pixar Cars 2. Special guest presenter! Walt Disney Pictures took the world by storm with the Hollywood Blockbuster animation film, Cars 2 the Movie; an animated kids’ action adventure animation filled with many exciting, funny movie moments! The “must see” Cars series (including Cars 1, Cars 2 and Cars Toon) has built a huge worldwide fan base! Great to see an incredibly awesome variety of Cars toy collectibles and Cars games available on sale in toy stores around the world! Some of the most popular Cars toy releases include the store exclusives and holiday edition releases. The entire collection of Cars toys are going off the pegs faster than you can say, “Lightning McQueen”! The Mattel toy factory has produced some amazing toy car products, including Matchbox, Team Hot Wheels & Disney/Pixar Cars. The reason I believe Disney Cars toys are super popular overall is because of the special relationship movie viewers develop with the on-screen cars characters, including Mater, McQueen, Chick Hicks, Red, Mack, Finn McMissile, Rod Torque Redline, Acer, Grem and Holley Shiftwell. Here at FluffyJet playing with toys is a learning curve, an invaluable part of childhood learning development just as collecting collectibles is a magical part of adolescence and adulthood — both which can contribute to a greater joy & happiness at home and in family life! With the very likely event of
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