Car Wreck Attorney Macon – Collecting Car Repair Cost From Insurance Company

Car Wreck Attorney Macon - Collecting Car Repair Cost From Insurance Company For the best representation on traffic accident claims in Macon Georgia contact the Law Firm of Reynolds, Horne & Survant located at 6320 Peake Road in Macon Georgia. Telephone 478-405-0300 or 1-800-537-3238 Reynolds, Horne & Survant 6320 Peake Road Macon, GA 31210-6610 1-800- 537-3238 The caller stated that he was in an accident where he was hit from behind. They paid him for his injuries but he paid to get his car fixed and he has not received the money for the car repairs that he paid for. What can he do to collect the money owed to him for the vehicle damage? Attorney David Bullard responded and said in the State of Georgia we have four years to file a claim for property damage and for personal injury it is two years. Davis suggested he send any copies of the repair bill and photos of the car damage to the insurance company and start that dialogue with them. Attorney Wendell Horne said make certain he did not sign a release for the property damage when he signed the release to the personal injury claim. Always make sure when you are in an accident that you collect witness names and contact information, get photos of in bruising and personal injury, photos of damaged vehicles and property, keep records and make certain you understand what you are signing before you sign anything. Once you sign something it is over.
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