Car Interior retrim & Pimp This is a few scenes from the 5 hour interior dvd that shows in detail how to pimp or customize your interior on a budget with some very good results. Lots of details and information that shows you how to do it yourself with no experience (like me). How to cut material, sew it, glue it, make new panels from scratch and cover your old ones. We start at the beginning, with a scene from the middle and then the end result, its not totally perfect because I rushed it to get it finished but with patience and time you can get a really good result.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Part 1 of quite a few clips from the and DVD on how to completely retrim you interior whether its boat, car or a motorcycle you can make a fantastic interior with a little bit of enthusiasm and some material. The sewing machine was a £99 special from brother and with a strong needle was up to the job of 5 layers of expanded vinyl. Pimping your interior is very easy and was more rewarding than the doing the bodywork of the car. Retrimming your boat is just as easy and is the only thing I’ve had a go at and that looked superb too. You can order the material very cheaply online and have a go at the easy small trim pieces then work your way up to the more complicated ones or get the front ones done by a specialist and save maybe thousands overall. So have a go at pimping your ride or just retrimming your interior in some more exciting colours its easy. The dvd is 5 hours and very sedate showing you all the details so you can copy as you watch using the pause button to stay on pace. Have fun and buy a dvd at or

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