Car Badge Light/Car Emblem Light/LED Logo Light for Trunk Lid

Dual Intensity Circuit Enables the Badge to operate as BOTH a Running light AND a Brake Light! Up to 54 different car models available Basic colors: Blue/White; Break color: Red only Features 1. Easy-to-install design, to be installed with original car badge attached on top; 2. This car badge light will be automatically on at the moment the parking light is turned on. It will turn to red when you depress the brake; 3. Waterproof, shock resistant, corrosion prevention. Installation manual 1. Remove the original rear badge; 2. Remove the left over glue from the vehicle and original badge; 3. Drilling might be necessary if there is no existing hole; 4. Peel back the protective film of adhesive; 5. Press to fix the badge light onto the car and then stick the original badge onto the badge light; 6. Connect the cable according to the electrical installation guide. For more information about the products, please visit our website at
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