Can-Ad Fuel Additive – Better Gas Mileage and Better emissions – Win Win – CANAD.mpg

Can-Ad Fuel Additive – Better Gas Mileage and Better emissions.. Win Win! Can-Ad – Protects the environment through proven cleaning technology thereby resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption. Can-Ad reduces carbon emissions with at least 20%. Can-Ad is an additive for cleaning combustion chambers, intake channels for the intake of a fuel-air mixture, atomizers and injectors, regardless of whether it´s Diesel, Gas, Petrol or Ethanol. Can-Ad has a positive effect on all types of internal combustion engine. This includes both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. There is one type for petrol/ethanol engines and another for Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Gas mixtures. Can-Ad is in the form of solid tablets that are added to the fuel while filling up. One tablet treats 70 litres of fuel. If you have a smaller tank, half a tablet treats up to 40 litres of fuel. Apart from the drastic reduction in unburned fuel, hydrocarbons (HC) and poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), there is reduction of at least 20% of carbon particles. This means that irritating smells and soot are almost completely eliminated. The more efficient combustion means; all other things being equal, that fuel consumption is reduced, and there is a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Modified car goes in for an emissions test, Will I pass?

Taking my 2001 WS6 T/A in for emissions testing to see if it will pass. I have long tubes with high flow cats(that don’t work worth a damn). I would throw codes routinely until I got the codes tuned out by a local tuner. Oh, I also don’t have my catback on at the moment. I’m in the process of putting a turbo, heads, and cam setup on the car so Just replaced the rear end with an s60 and an FLT trans. Left the catback off because wasn’t worth the time to put it on to take it back off for the next round.

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