6th Annual AANM Maintenance Mania® Car Show

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Troubleshooting your Central Heating System Years ago, most Houston homes relied on inefficient baseboards for heat – a spotty, inefficient method at best that left homes feeling drafty and cold. Today, Central Heating Systems wind a web of ventilation ducts throughout the house to distribute heat evenly, and allow homeowners to control heat from a wall mounted digital thermostat. A home’s Central Heating System, just like a car, needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep performing at top efficiency. Here are a couple of quick tips, and if you come across a need for any type of repairs give us a call! Meet Your Central Heating System 1. If you have a heat pump or furnace, you likely have a ducted air system, which is the most common type of central heating. In a forced air duct system, a blower pushes warm air through the system and out the vents to warm rooms in your house. A gravity furnace doesn’t use blowers; instead, convection currents move air throughout your home. Change Furnace Filters Annually 2. Or more frequently if you have pets or use air conditioning in the summertime. If you notice that the central heating system doesn’t work as well as it once did, it could be because it’s having trouble pushing warm air through a dirty filter. Clear Obstructions Away from Vents for Air flow 3. Inside the house, that means furniture. Outside, look for leaves and debris blocking the outside vent. Remember to keep cold-air return vents, which are not connected to the

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