2007 VW Passat 2.0 Oil Filter Ya Simple Oil Change on VolksWagon

f2fb7aea.tubeviral.com – Tipjar Site. 2007 VW Passat 2.0 Oil Filter Ya Simple Oil Change on VolksWagon. Ok Low tech video on oil change for a Volkswagon (VW) Passat. Annoying to have to take a cover off to do an oil change, but nowadays that is fairly often. Get Tools from Amazon, affiliate link here copy and paste – http If you have found my video to be useful and has saved you time/money please visit f2fb7aea.tubeviral.com My tipjar and informational site. See a short video, an opportunity to donate AND a couple links to sites that offer you Full access to repair information for your specific car without having to hunt around the internet for it. Autotechviewpoint provides videos for informational purposes only and cannot be held liable for injury, damage, problems that arise when trying to duplicate steps shown in videos. I will be paid by Amazon a percentage of money if you purchase through any Amazon links on my youtube channel. http

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