1-2 Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Big Data, Hadoop, Richard Chin, General Manager SQL Server Strategy

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for the new world of data SQL Server 2012 to Help Customers Manage “Any Data, Any Size, Anywhere” Speaker: Richard Chin, General Manager SQL Server Strateg Video: Tony Thijs/ Open Marketing Foundation Richard Chin: ,,SQL Server 2012 is a major step for us towards realizing the modern data platform. I’ going to talk abut hree things. The first is about mission critical confidence, SQL Server is for the datacenter. The second is break through insight and third, you have the choice to perform your database service and in the cloud.” Richard Chin continues in part two:,,Most times people speak about Big Data, they speak about it generically, we are talking about Big Data in a few ways. Like big volumes of data, like data sets you have today in your corporation. Big Data is also about a variity of data, from unstructured to structured data sets and so forth. Big Data is also the velocuty of data, the streaming of data. Speaking about Big Data, people are also talking about Map Reduce. Microsoft has a unique perspective of Big Data. Microsoft is the only major vendor in the database field to be in the hundred terabyte with users of big data. We handle over a hunderd terabyte of data for our own use. Sql Server is going to be integrated with Hadoop, the Open Source solution for Map reduce and Microsoft is going to invest to bring Hadoop ont the Microsoft platform and into Azure, the Microsoft cloud.” Any data SQL Server 2012 helps address the
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